Baboushka Barncaster CC

The Barncaster models are characterized above all by the use of antique woods, whose intense character is wonderfully enhanced by light tint and subsequent multiple oiling. The combination with hand-wound pickups creates a versatile, dynamic instrument that gives the player all the possibilities he needs. more



Baboushka Color

The Baboushka COLOR is of course available for both body shapes and brings all the advantages of the Stardust and the Barncaster to the big stage.

It was developed primarily for those guitarists for whom a visually striking instrument is important without sacrificing excellent sound and handling. more

Baboushka Caballero

The newest "kid on the block" and a fantastic sounding T-style interpretation. Equipped with handwound Dreamsongs Pickups made in Italy, very thin nitro laquer coat and roasted maple neck.

A guitar you just want to play forever. has a surprise on the backside.

Meet the Caballero on GUITAR SUMMIT, Mannheim September 9 - 11 at our booth ! 


Baboushka Gold plated

the Barncaster Gold are gilded by hand with real impact metal. The result is an intense and very noble gold tone, which is then sealed wafer-thin with nitro. The Barncaster Gold (and Silver) are characterized by their excellent resonance and direct response. more


1st price "The most beautiful guitar"

Prix de public 2021

Top 10 of German luthiers

we love to work with these fine european pickup manufactories (among others)

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